SPH Plant provides a 24/7 emergency drain unblocking service, available 365 days a year to Telford drains and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team consists of highly trained operators who will solve your drainage problems and quickly as possible whilst ensuring minimum disruption, and at competitive prices. Available 24 hours a day, we are the most reliable drain unblocking company in Shropshire.

With a range of high-pressure jetting units we are fully equipped to tackle any drainage system blockage no matter how big or small. Our high-power drain jetting is used to remove any obstruction within the blocked drain. The jetting will then remove silt, debris, and grease to ensure that they are fully clean. Once complete our CCTV drainage surveying will be conducted in order to guarantee we have removed as much as possible.

Once the drain has been cleaned our specialist CCTV drain survey camera will be used to assess the pipe for any remaining issues. The CCTV camera will be used to identify any cracks, displaced joints roots or collapse within the pipe work. If any additional problems are identified through this process we will quickly provide a suitable solution.

CCTV drain surveying is the new most effective way to survey any drain. Alternative solutions involve excavations or an engineer manually entering the pipes, in comparison, CCTV drain surveying simply requires a camera to be lowered into the drainage system. This will then send a high-definition image back to monitor allowing us to fully assess the drain.

The images received from the CCTV drain survey show the condition of the pipes and help identify any potential issues. Issues with pipes can include hairline cracks, collapsed sections or any stubborn blockages. Once the survey is fully complete, the images are then reviewed to find appropriate solutions.

The combination of both the VacPac jetters and our CCTV, drives robotic precision cutters capable of removing large roots and intruding connections.

Thanks to our range of VacPacs we can offer a solution for both domestic and commercial scenarios. With the VacPac jetting units being the perfect solution for smaller (domestic) blocked drains, and our high volume vactor units used for cleansing larger drains. With this equipment, it enables us to perform jetting on all sizes of drains, pumping stations and sewers.

We also offer off road drainage services for those hard-to-reach places. With specialist equipment, we offer more than a standard drain cleaning truck. Once we reach the drain, the same routine is carried out.

Whether you’re a homeowner or estimator for a large utilities group we have the perfect solution for you. Our team of dedicated operators are on call 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, SPH Plant is the solution for all Shropshire drains and drainage issues call us on 01952 501155.