Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, SPH Plant can provide a range of flatbed trailers that are flexible, robust and easy to use. With our experienced staff, we can advise and assist you with your request and recommend the most suitable trailer for your needs.

Flatbed trailers are built to provide flexibility and robustness for a range of jobs, which is why they are such a popular trailer to work with. They are the most appropriate trailer for carrying heavy and bulky items such as tractors and machinery. 

Depending on your project requirements, our flatbed trailers come with or without sides.

Here at SPH Plant, any upkeep and servicing required for the flatbed trailers is carried out by our technically trained mechanics, so you don’t have to worry. We are one of the most flexible trailer hire companies and have both short and long term hire available.

Please ensure you have the correct entitlements on your UK driving license.

Should you be looking to transport or move a large, heavy, or bulky item, hire at ease with SPH Plant. Contact us today to find out more.