SPH Plant is a specialist off road jetting company offering over 30 years of experience in this field. Our Jetting services are available to all types of locations, from soft grounds such as a golf course or a more complex job like outfall pipes that run into the solution, thanks to our impressive fleet we have a solution for all.

With a fleet consisting of specialist vehicles we can tackle drainage systems of all sizes. Our equipment can be used on rough terrain, embankments, woodlands, narrow footpaths and other areas which are not accessible by standard drain cleaning trucks.

With digging solutions also available at SPH Plant we can carry out an array of services including. Excavation, site clearance, and infrastructure projects for both contractors and also individual customers. Our excavation projects vary from domestic driveways to large earthwork projects.

Our Machines

We have machines that will allow us to tackle any problem


The Trac-Vac used at SPH Plant has been built to a bespoke specification offering the ability of off road jetting of large diameter sewers as well for sucking out the deepest catch pits to depths of 20 metres. 

With this low ground pressure jetting unit it also makes it the ideal machine for working on soft grounds like natural reserves and farmland.

All the vacuum and jetting plant is mounted in a Morooka rubber tracked tipper chassis which provides a stable platform for the machine. This vehicle truly negates the need for the hire of expensive track panels that kill the ground underneath them and are the target for thieves.

This Trac-Vac jets 65 gallons a minute with a 4000 CFM engine driven air blower.


With jetting capabilities of 85 gallons a minute and a water capacity of 3000 gallons, makes this machine perfect for off road jetting (only). The Trac-Jet has powerful jetting pressure and the water flows through the 1-1/4 inch jetting hose.

Agri-Vac Tractor

With its balloon tyre, the Agri-Vac Tractor is ideal for both on and off road jetting and suction. The Agri-Vac Tractor is built with 200 metres of 1 inch jetting hose and a working pressure of 65 gallons per minute. This machine will not make ruts or get stuck in the ground which is perfect for farms or sports fields.

4×4 Off Road Super Jet-Vac

Our 4×4 Super Jet-Vac is built with a big balloon tyre and has both on and off road capabilities. Features including a working pressure of 65 gallons per minute at 2000 psi, and a 3500 cfm blower. In comparison to the Trac-Vac, this machine has a 6 inch boom which makes it an alternative for areas which have soft ground and can’t be damaged.

Artic-Guzzler Super Vac

Our Artic-Guzzler is purpose built for super suction and load capacity. With a payload of 20 tons, this machine was designed to suck up wet and dry material through its 8 inch boom and its huge blower of 8000 cfm. No matter what is put in front of this machine, it has the capability to suck it up through what is known as the guzzler.

This 44 ton artic-unit has worked on some of the deepest pumping stations where we have had to use a crane to help lower the pipe work down the deep shaft!


We also offer:

  • 15,000L potable 6 wheeler water tanker with 3 inch Petrol driven water pump
  • 30,000L potable artic water tanker with a 3 inch Petrol driven water pump
  • 30,000L artic Vacuum tanker engine drive vacuum pump
  • 1000 – 10,000 gallon holding tanks on hooklift frames
  • 2 – 6 inch diesel driven water pumps and accessories to go with them
  • 3 – 13 ton track machines and assortment of attachments
  • 13 ton long reach track machine and assortment of attachments
  • Engine driven lighting sets and generators
  • Temporary roadway plastic and wooden flexi-boarding
  • Temporary pedestrian and Heris fencing panels
  • Small selection of welfare cabins and plastic toilets
trac vac
Vactpr response unit truck driving over beach