SPH Plant recently purchased this 4×4 Super Jet-Vac

This 4×4 Super Jet-Vac was a recent purchase for SPH Plant and is a great addition to our fleet. Purchased from Enviro Clear, it now means that we have an alternative to the Trac-Vac and a machine that can be used both on and off road.

The 4×4 Super Jet-Vac has 200 metres of 1 inch jetting hose and a working pressure of 65 gallons per minute. Although similar to the Trac-Vac, this machine has a 6 inch boom which makes it a different option.

With this machine in particular, it can work off road but is also not hard enough to damage the ground underneath, perfect for areas such as golf courses and parks.

Find out more about the Super Jet-Vac here