Whale recycler jetter and suction unit

The whale 8 wheeler Kizer recycler jetter and suction unit at SPH Plant is the perfect solution for a range of tasks. The highly specified Kizer recycler is recognised throughout the UK as a highly specialised sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty watering recycling. The Kizer Whale maximises the time spent working by effectively reusing the dirty water for jetting purposes. This eliminates the need to use clean water supplies and so contributes to better efficiency.

The Kizer Whale offers significant operational benefits in regards to specialist sewer cleaning operations.

With many features available on the jetter and suction unit, the need for separate cyclone or settling tanks is eliminated and so contributes to a quicker overall service.

At SPH we have a fleet of over 40 trucks available ranging from tractor units to top of the range supper sucker Disav unit. The Vactor jetting unit and article trailers also make up the trucks available. To find out more about our fleet click here.

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