East coast mainline

A culvert which the East coast mainline ran across was blocked.

This blockage and the inability to see if the culvert was damaged meant there could be a risk to the trains travelling just metres above.

Access to the culvert was also problematic as in order to reach it, the only access was through a farmers field. This field was accessed via an old bridge that was not fit for the machinery that was needed to unblock the culvert that was below the East coast mainline.

SPH Plant designed and manufactured a new steel bridge that could be laid over the existing farmers bridge and provide sufficient support to ensure the vehicles and equipment could enter the field safely. They put load test certificates on the bridge sections as well ensuring they match the clients specifications and are fit for purpose.

SPH Created and tested the Steel Fabricated bridge at their plant in Telford and then transported the bridge using one of their low loaders to the site. The bridge was then installed on site so the necessary machinery could access the field. Once SPH Plant had entered the field they were able to assess the problem and remove the blockage that sat underneath the East Coast mainline. 

SPH plant then inspected the culvert for damage using their remote control buggy and CCTV. This allowed them to see that some bricks within the bridge had been damaged and needed repair. SPH Plant submitted their site survey so the culvert could be suitably strengthened and was safe for trains to travel above.

Once the culvert reinforcement is complete, SPH Plant will use their remote control CCTV technology again to ensure the culvert has been suitably repaired and it is safe for trains to cross.

SPH Plant were able to overcome the various issues that this project created and provide an all encompassing solution which included Steel fabrication, jetting, dirty water removal and CCTV technology.

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